Le Pere Du meuble is a family-owned company operating since 1968. We focus our efforts on the quality of our products, and pride ourselves in offering a personalized service.

All of our associates have a transparency approach. This is why we've applied a "no hidden fees" sales policy , which allows you to make a clearer and well-thought-of decision
based on the services that you may need.

Our fidelity program, of which you can adhere to as a priviledged member for 100$ based on a 12 month period, will allow you to obtain many advantages on the short and long term.

Our furniture is carefully selected from local and international manufacturers according to our specifications and demand for superior quality.

We sincerely believe our philosophy adapts well to the new generation of well-informed buyers, which you are, and our team will do all that is necessary to deserve your trust.
Help us make Le Pere Du Meuble your favorite furniture store, as well as that of your family and friends.

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